The Heroes of the Realms

Finding Friends

Our heroes track Victoria

The path underneath the better part of Faerun takes our heroes suprisingly close to their captured ally. Will they be able to save her ?

After navigating winding underground passages that have been long forgotten a small pin prick of light shines like a beacon of hope for our adventurers. Finally, a way out! With the amulet in the bag of holding and focused determination to deliver it to the Temple of Mystra, they stand at the edge of a deep dark hole beneath them but with the coveted light above. With no time to waste, Princess Zara flies the height of the hole and with the help of a magical rod is able to reach the top and secure a climbing rope for her Comrades. In the midst of escape from the deep a low rumble is heard by the Commander, Romulus, and Zara. For our unfortunate friends Uther, Tara and Lunan that low rumble rises like thunder from an angry storm. With Tara and Lunan shielding each other from impending doom against the slick walls, poor unfortunate Uther dangles from the rope. Out of the depths springs a steamy hot column of water that sprays against Tara and Lunan and throws Uther 40 feet out of the pit. Our Barbarian friend takes a painful but comical fall.

After discovering that the group is more than a days travel from Silverymoon, a fight ensues about the cursed amulet that deactivates all magic unless it’s held in the bag of holding. Information from a moth informed Zara of the whereabouts of Victoria while in the tunnels. In the high pitched voice of a moth but with the cadence of Victoria “Help me Zara, this place sucks! They’re sending me towards “The Great Rift ! Hurry! I’m so bored!!!” That was a day ago. They are but a days travel from the location. Do they hold on to the amulet until they can return? Or do they bury it? In mid squabble in the starlight, the moon peeks out from behind the clouds and the the amulet shot out of the hands of our Adventurers and like a shooting star travels back to Silverymoon. Little did they know that this amulet could have aided them greatly later that evening.

Darkness sets in. A fire is lit. Our adventurers begin to rest. Romulus is in meditation connecting with his surroundings. From a distance, horses hooves, drawn by two horses, Romulus’ senses attune greater in his meditation, small carriage, one driver, he wakes from meditation. He wakes the party. Without question the party begins to sprint after the coach. As they near, Lunan darts ahead to distract the horses to frighten them to stop, while Zara grabs Vincent and flies to the top of the coach. The driver stops the carriage. Like menacing bandits Cmdr. Slade, Vincent, and Romulus attempt to intimidate the older woman who seeks passage through these lands. Are our Heroes still hero’s or do they take the money chest? Money is no importance, it’s their friend they want and they know this woman is withholding information. 3 days circling the lands in this coach waiting for the woman to crack, the party finds out she’s only a magical hologram with the goggles of sight. “Damn that amulet.” The Party continues to be the “Heroes” they are by rummaging through the random items in the traveling trunks. Mens hats, a girls dresses and toiletries, more mens clothing of various sizes…..It’s a trick! Nothing left but a small box!!! Tera opens it, waiting for disappointment. Funny, it’s lined with mirrors, and looking in this, like looking through a window, you see a figure – like Victoria shackled ? FLASH! Silence.

With only the sounds of the forest the old woman picks up the box and closes it and steps inside the coach and raps on the window, “We may continue now.”



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