The Heroes of the Realms

Silverymoon - Jewel of the North

The order of the Crimson Drake Explores the Town

Night settled on the top of the large mountain overlooking the plains – with the lights of Silverymoon twinkling in the distance. In a day and a half, our party was approaching the outskirts of the town – “New Silverymoon” as it was called. After a little exploration, they crossed the moonbridge into the old quarters of Silverymoon and explored. Tera sought more information on her heritage, while Vincent sought the whereabouts of little Victoria. Romulos spoke a fellow drow contact in the The Red Hand and the party found that the best place for potions of healing was to seek out Ministress Belverlee in the old temple of Mystra. Not only did our heroes get their healing potions, but they got word of an ancient shard of Mystra – a phylactery – that was said to still be hidden deep under the city. Our heroes were willing to oblige the temple leader and set out down deep, murky tunnels to see what await them below.

The walking dead awaited them. Cursed to lie in wait for centuries for tomb robbers coming to steal artifacts, these mummies objected to the party’s presence and did their best to dispose of them. Princess Zara was able to lure many of them into a deep, dark shaft and trap them there. The party did not escape scott-free, though. These ancient guard-kings cursed many of the party with the decay of aeons – a vile affliction known as Mummy Rot. With the false pharaohs vanquished, and their curses coursing through their bodies, what will our heroes’ next move be ?



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