The Heroes of the Realms

The Path Back to Silverymoon

On our allies’ way back to silverymoon, they crossed a large mountain and encountered a lone wanderer with a swath of orcs at his feat and even more bearing down on him – quickly. The heroes jumped in and saved him – only to find a little further up the mountain lie a great dragon. He tore flesh from the adventurer’s bodies and gasped mighty clouds of rocks and dust. The party had the best of him and as he took flight to escape, princess Zara flew atop him and struck hard with her mighty sword – condemning it back to earth – and to death soon thereafter.

The twinkling lights of Silverymoon are visible from the top of the mountain at night – what new wonders await our friends in the “Jewel of the North” ?


Wrong place to comment – you gotta aim above the dragon !

You were the victor – it was your character. Write the history of your own heroic deeds and have them entered into legend (Re-write the account in your own words and the event will be entered here.)


The Path Back to Silverymoon

No one ever writes their own legend. That would be super narcissistic.

The Path Back to Silverymoon


The Path Back to Silverymoon

Victorias heroic deeds are, Escapeing dirty places, avoiding bugs, picking on the dwarf, and staying upwind of Uther take a BATH!!!!!!, oh I would not have been able to avoid bugs if it was not for Princess Zara thanks your super cool!

The Path Back to Silverymoon

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