The Heroes of the Realms

The Path to Krystilhold !

Session for 2-8-09

It began with a bang – or a gong, rather as we recall the twin Oni being summoned to dispatch the party of interlopers. Clearly they underestimated you, and after a hard fought, tooth& nail battle, the heroes managed to best Varquar and Tartukk in a contest of arms.

The heroes then made their way into the next room – a sculpture gallery with a Winged-Helmed Hero, a trio of royals, a Catoblepas , a golden-sculpted elven maiden battling a dragon, a bull battling a Gorgon , a dwarf towering over a pile of dead orcs and several other smashed masterpieces.

They continued on, carefully – finding a secured one way door ( that didn’t open ) and a store room before traveling through a large, evil amphitheater, around a twisting hall, into a library – where all hell broke loose – literally ! They were besieged by a Bar-Lagura demon intent on using the other allies present to destroy the heroes – but they would not see to it ! They vanquished him quickly and searched the room soundly – finding a forgotten panel under the rug, slightly off center from the middle of the room.

This led down a deep vertical shaft to a cavern swarming with bugs and crystals that glowed like day – and they consulted the finger of fate and chose the path of greatest reward (and Risk !), over a deep crevasse with magma below, into the makings of a forgotten dwarven stronghold / outpost of KrystilHold as our heroes entered the grounds and explored the first main chamber, they saw through the hoary darkness the ominous glow of red eyes and the evil hiss of an unslaked, ancient thirst. Who knows what gruesome fate surely awaits our heroes ?


Welcome Commander and Volgrim!

The Path to Krystilhold !

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