The Heroes of the Realms

Threat Subsided

Game for 2/28/09

After a nervous reunion with Richter – Thanks mostly to his disbelief in the Order of the Crimson Drake’s ability – You realize that the threat is gone – for now. He explained that far to the northwest grows a dense glen where you can find an orange mushroom – from which an elixir can be brewed to banish the baron back to his natural form. After a look around the rest of the keep – including a long time spent in of of the Baron’s sinister teleportation traps, the party decides to make haste to the forest – a two week journey through barely-mapped wilderness, no small task.

Not many days after the departure, the terrain has morphed to hilly, rocky soil – and the party has a bit slower time going at it. One mid-morning, while rounding a small forested copse, our party stumbles upon the den of a feasting owlbear, with the blood of wildfowl still warm and thick on its paws. Upon noticing intruders in its territory, it flew into a fury – and the storm of claws and teeth set upon the party, nearly tearing them asunder. The noise from the scuffle attracted the attention of a pair of bulettes, who fought hard to snag a hapless soul and drag it to it’s death. By only the grace of some sort of divine providence did our heroic band escape this cruel fate – and upon searching, they found a stranger – stranded atop a rocky outcrop, a refugee from the furious wrath of the now-vanquished denizens of the ground. This poor wanderer, nearly starved to death and on the brink of dying from thirst gave great thanks for the group’s intervention into what was sure to be his certain death.

As the party continued on, the winter crept quickly into Leaffall – causing a cold blast of wind to buffet unexpectedly over the next few days. The terrain begins to grow hillier and the winds blow colder as the days progress. As we pick up again, the first flakes of an early snow begin to fall as our party crests a hilly vantage point and they look out to a fortified post in the distance – the only trace of civilization around.


Of Course We Will! All our destinies lie beyond the evil. (Well maybe it has something to do with, the fact that some how we always seem to choose the path that heads us right in to it.)

Threat Subsided

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