A Half Elf Ranger trying to prove her self to the one she knows nothing about.


Tera AC – 22 Hp – 50

Weapons – A Cursed Phasing Sword

Armor– Veteran’s Armor


AC – 20 Hp – 70

Armor-Companion’s Defender


I was raised by my mother and grandfather in a small village. It was the same village that my mother was born in. But the only thing that we have in common is the blood that runs through our veins. My father has never been around, but what he is has always been there to remind me. I’m a half elf which means I have the best of both races, though it came with a price. Were I was raised, neither humans nor elves would accept me.

As a child that was the one thing I did not understand. Why would no one talk to me or play with me? It was because I was different then the other children. I had no friend, I spent my childhood alone and isolated form others. As I grew older I started to hold a very strong hatred for the people in my village. I would try to start fights with others my own age just to blow off some steam that had been building up. That is when my grandfather started to notice that my anger towards other had grown to an extreme amount. So he found an outlet for my anger, he started to focus my anger into the art of the sword.

Hidden in that anger, also was not knowing anything about my father. As I grew older it got harder to handle having questioned that could not be answered. Where is my father? Why can’t he be here with me? Does he love me? Does he even know I exist? Is he not proud of me? Is he even alive? When I came to those last two questions, it was then I realized that I had to find out the answers. I had lived a very lonely life and it was time to follow the path that would end the last bit of doubt of who I really am. To know who I am I have to set out to find my father and prove my worth.

As I was leaving the village my mother told me that the pendent that she had given to me when I was little was the only thing she had of my fathers. Then she said with a smile it will help you in your journey, always keep it with you. As she turned way she said in a soft loving voice when you find him, tell him “I understand and I will always love you him“. Thus started my journey to prove myself, to the one I knows nothing about.

Up dated 3/28/09

Along the way I joined up with a group of five adventurers. Princess Zara, Dasheeki, Romulos, Aramel, Victoria. So far they seem like good companions. I never really thought some one would accept me for what I was. But the first time we got into a heated battle, there they were watching my back as if we were always good friends.

As are adventures together went on we grew to know each other very well. Victoria puts a smile to my face when ever we ended up in a very dirty and smelly situation. Like the time we had to go into a sewer. The whole time she was saying when we got out of there she was going to the inn and bathe until she got the smell off. The Bathing part in the middle of battle was funny, but yet she knew that this was not the end for us. Like all of us she had something to do before it was her time to leave this world and nothings was going to stop her from that. To see that much bravery coming for such a young and small girl gave me something that I can not describe. She left a mark on me, and it has changed something inside of me.

Right before the end of that adventure, and the next clue to where we would head next, is when I met Lunan. Something in me felt strange as I glanced over to a series of cages along a wall. It was like something was calling out to me and me alone. I broke away form the battle even though I knew I should not leave my comrades to fight alone, but I could not stop myself. There he was almost half dead. I really did not know exactly what it was at the time; he just looked like a dirty ball of fur. As I opened the cage we phased into this other realm, were to my surprise I was talking to him. It was just like talking to anyone else. When we phased back, I passed out and he joined into the fight. Everything turned out good in the end, but all my friends said if he is coming with us you’ll have to clean him up.

New update 4/1/09

When I was done cleaning him, he turned out to be a blackish grey color and his eyes where an amber color. When I stared into his eyes I felt the strange felling that this was always meant to happen, and that I have finally found someone that would understand me and most of all excepted me. When I was washing him I thought it was a little strange that a wolf that was taken from his home, starved and unable to run free would stay here with me instead of going back to his home, but after looking into his eyes I knew why he did not run. I also knew that I would do anything to make shore nothing would ever happen to him. Now with the next clue in hand we head out on our way to find the baron. Most of the information that we know about him comes from stories that people have told. We have no idea what we are getting are selves in to. I already see a long road a head of us and many hard ships on the way. As me and my new friend navigate the forests and swamps that lie before our destination, my mind starts to wonder with so many thoughts. Why are we on this journey?, Was there a reason why we all ended up together?, Could this have been why my father could not be with me, so I would head out to find him and come to find myself with this group of adventures on the journey? And if that is the cases what dose our future holds for us? Because I had no answers to these question and even if they were relevant I said nothing of it to the group. There was no need to get everyone worked up over nothing. Through our many battles so far I have come to know Princess Zara better. We have both shared our stories with each other, and became a little closer to each other in our growing friend ship. In some way we both take on the leader role or is it the mother role, we make sure everyone gets out of the battle ok. With the creatures that we are incountering getting stronger as we get closer to our goal, I wonder if all of us will make it through ok.

To be continued


The Heroes of the Realms Tera