Vincent Reynard

quiet with a morbid since of humor


Ac- 23

Hp- 66

Weapon- Blackshroud Fullblade +2

Armor- Githweave Armor of Resistance +3


Vincent was born to a noble family his father a paladin and a Duke hunted down undead for the order of the Raven Queen and his mother the Duchess was the little sister of Lord Richter Renfeild a well known Warlock. Vincent was brought up in society and was groomed to take his fathers place as Duke when the time came, however not all was normal for one Vincents father had been turned into a Vampire by a countess he was hunting and as a result Vincent was born a Dhampyr half Human and half Vampire. His father had attempted to return to his wife and hide the fact he had been turned how ever it was difficult to pull off he said he had an illness and retired from being a paladin only able to come out at night he left society only The Duchess and Richter knew the truth. When Vincent reached the age of 16 his Vampiric traits began to show themselves and his mother told him of the truth behind his fathers illness and that he was half Vampire himself. Vincent took the news rather well it did not seem to bother him what so ever in fact he seemed to almost laugh at his own situation. His mother was very worried about him though for Vincent had been rather withdrawn since the age of 10. Two more years went by and then Vincent came home one day to find his mother and Richter sitting in the study they told Vincent that his father had left and would never return and as far as every one else knew he had finally passed on from his illness. This also did not seem to bother Vincent he had no real relationship with his father in the first place and rarely saw him so the fact that he had left was of little consequence to him. They held a fake funeral and even had a empty coffin placed in the family crypt. After the funeral Vincent’s mother and Richter informed him that his habits would have to change for he was now to be a Duke Vincent had been spending his time hunting undead like his father had and was often not home however now that he was Duke he would have to show a bit more responsibility. They also informed him that a marriage between himself and his little cousin Victoria had been set. Victoria who was Richter’s ward and adopted daughter had played with Vincent when they were little. Vincent thought of Victoria as a little spoiled brat and loved her for it she was the only person who did not care that he was the son of a Duke and in later years was rather mean to Vincent when they saw one another he liked her honesty and agreed to the union. Victoria was not as pleased however. Now at age 26 Vincent has been asked by Richter to save Victoria from her self and bring her home kicking and screaming if need be Vincent reluctantly accepted the quest and set out to track Victoria down. Though he is sure to face danger on the way he is only worried about one thing and that is his five foot two inch ninety eight pound little cousin. Making Victoria come home would be a feat unto its self, hopefully the raven queen would be on his side.

Vincent Reynard

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