Princess Zara

An Air Genasi Sword Mage made of fearlessness and loyalty.


AC – 23 Hp – 58

Weapons – Life drinker bastard sword Armor – Delvor’s leather armor


Princess Zara, a descendant of royalty has spent her whole life training under an elite defense master who is familiar with the ways of the anarch of Shyr. This master was aware of lurking dangers between Zara and her two sistesr and took young Zara for training to avenge the attempted murder made on her eldest sister by a jealous sibling who has secretly been studying the dark arts. Years later, Zara now wanders with her companions buying herself time before she goes back to avenge her sister and break the curse to rightfully restore her sister to the throne. Is she ready to extinguish her own blood to restore what’s right? To run a blade across the sister that so viciously cursed the heir with devils of muteness? We shall see how long she can handle messages from her flying friends of the news from home…..

Princess Zara

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