The Heroes of the Realms

Meeting with the Saugahin
Session for 1/24/09

Remember quickly disposing of the vile kruthik hive – Queen, workers, eggs and all. “Mr. G” the female scaly man-fish thanked you from the bottom of her cold, twleve-chambered, scaly heart. He “quickly” led you back to his school, and you were warmly welcomed as heroes – where a feast was held in your honor. The school matron, Skagatha was eternally grateful and wanted to repay you beyond mere sashimi, so she made preparations to portend a bit of the threads of everyone’s fate to them. Many of the fortunes told bore good news and hope, some were less hopeful. Everyone should have taken some of the information to heart as we continued on, out into the boggy plains – towards the darkness.

Soon thereafter, we encountered the geyser field – and the ghosts that were bound to it. They possessed Victoria, Tera & Princess Zara – but were quickly made to snap out of it by their quick-acting allies. Shortly thereafter, Romulos was given something – of minor importance, I am assured. The party gathered their wits and belongings, and after avoiding a hive of bees in an old chest, continued towards the darkness.

That is, until they met the Berbalang. After a see-saw battle of comical proportions, Romulos wrested the dagger, Vylkhriin from the hands of the last remaining beast.

The party then rested in a church tower in the small ghost town where they encountered the berbalang. At dusk, they could make out shapes in the darkness – buildings almost.

Late the following evening, they set out for those same shapes reaching them at dusk – a large church-like structure with ornate stonework both inside and out. Inside, there was little more than an ornate mirror that dominated the altar area – and the The Order of the Crimson Drake (that’s you) made short work of opening the mirror-portal. They found themselves sucked into and falling out into a structure nearly identical to the one they were in – except instead of black gems, there were ivory buttons adorning the few flourishes in this sparse edifice.

The Adventure Up to Now
How we got where we were

It all began on a dark and stormy night – an acquaintance gave a group of anxious adventurers a simple task : Give this scroll to the shoe cobbler, the one near the inn after he closes shop and lights his torch. You didn’t know that by doing this, you unwittingly aligned yourselves with the resistance – and made enemies with the Netherese Empire. You fled, you fled Saerloon in Sembia and fled to Thunder pass On the way, you heard about an ancient treasure, referred to as “The Cup”. You investigated, slew monsters and your first dragon – The Very Young Black Dragon Skathilarn. After a treacherous fight with the mad mage Harleel Var, You won the cup – by force of valor (and by means of breaking and entering) and use it to good ends only. The Arms of the Netheril empire still were too close for comfort, so you fled to the Kingdom of Cormyr. You discovered rumors of The Baron, you found and defeated Desdemona and you launched yourself in the direction that the Baron believed to be in. On your trip you found more out – you found out about a cult called the dark circle. You also were informed that the Baron was bad news by an agent of The Red Hand. You stumbled your way across the countryside – mucking through swamps, fighting off filth fever and infection and trekking through badlands – Discovering Scarletta the hag who planted people in her garden, among other hideous things. She locked you all away in her cellar and by some dumb stroke of luck, you managed to escape. You escaped to the Underdark, albeit briefly, where you met a sahuagin – who you rescued and that takes us to the post above, where we left off.


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