The Heroes of the Realms

The Adventure Up to Now
How we got where we were

It all began on a dark and stormy night – an acquaintance gave a group of anxious adventurers a simple task : Give this scroll to the shoe cobbler, the one near the inn after he closes shop and lights his torch. You didn’t know that by doing this, you unwittingly aligned yourselves with the resistance – and made enemies with the Netherese Empire. You fled, you fled Saerloon in Sembia and fled to Thunder pass On the way, you heard about an ancient treasure, referred to as “The Cup”. You investigated, slew monsters and your first dragon – The Very Young Black Dragon Skathilarn. After a treacherous fight with the mad mage Harleel Var, You won the cup – by force of valor (and by means of breaking and entering) and use it to good ends only. The Arms of the Netheril empire still were too close for comfort, so you fled to the Kingdom of Cormyr. You discovered rumors of The Baron, you found and defeated Desdemona and you launched yourself in the direction that the Baron believed to be in. On your trip you found more out – you found out about a cult called the dark circle. You also were informed that the Baron was bad news by an agent of The Red Hand. You stumbled your way across the countryside – mucking through swamps, fighting off filth fever and infection and trekking through badlands – Discovering Scarletta the hag who planted people in her garden, among other hideous things. She locked you all away in her cellar and by some dumb stroke of luck, you managed to escape. You escaped to the Underdark, albeit briefly, where you met a sahuagin – who you rescued and that takes us to the post above, where we left off.

Meeting with the Saugahin
Session for 1/24/09

Remember quickly disposing of the vile kruthik hive – Queen, workers, eggs and all. “Mr. G” the female scaly man-fish thanked you from the bottom of her cold, twleve-chambered, scaly heart. He “quickly” led you back to his school, and you were warmly welcomed as heroes – where a feast was held in your honor. The school matron, Skagatha was eternally grateful and wanted to repay you beyond mere sashimi, so she made preparations to portend a bit of the threads of everyone’s fate to them. Many of the fortunes told bore good news and hope, some were less hopeful. Everyone should have taken some of the information to heart as we continued on, out into the boggy plains – towards the darkness.

Soon thereafter, we encountered the geyser field – and the ghosts that were bound to it. They possessed Victoria, Tera & Princess Zara – but were quickly made to snap out of it by their quick-acting allies. Shortly thereafter, Romulos was given something – of minor importance, I am assured. The party gathered their wits and belongings, and after avoiding a hive of bees in an old chest, continued towards the darkness.

That is, until they met the Berbalang. After a see-saw battle of comical proportions, Romulos wrested the dagger, Vylkhriin from the hands of the last remaining beast.

The party then rested in a church tower in the small ghost town where they encountered the berbalang. At dusk, they could make out shapes in the darkness – buildings almost.

Late the following evening, they set out for those same shapes reaching them at dusk – a large church-like structure with ornate stonework both inside and out. Inside, there was little more than an ornate mirror that dominated the altar area – and the The Order of the Crimson Drake (that’s you) made short work of opening the mirror-portal. They found themselves sucked into and falling out into a structure nearly identical to the one they were in – except instead of black gems, there were ivory buttons adorning the few flourishes in this sparse edifice.

Breaching the Shadowfell
Session for 1/31/09

You came to exploring the cavernous environs nearby – namely, the large building that housed the mirror. You gave the nearby surroundings a quick survey – and you came across Rumpunch & Chippencrack hiding from the Netherese authorities. He gave you some good information and you continued to press on – towards the great black keep. You pried your way past the guards out front and began to stir up quite a ruckus inside, with Dasheeki nearly dying to traps in the entryway. You coutinued right and found bunks, kitchens and dining halls – and enemies to fight.

To Be Continued.

The Path to Krystilhold !
Session for 2-8-09

It began with a bang – or a gong, rather as we recall the twin Oni being summoned to dispatch the party of interlopers. Clearly they underestimated you, and after a hard fought, tooth& nail battle, the heroes managed to best Varquar and Tartukk in a contest of arms.

The heroes then made their way into the next room – a sculpture gallery with a Winged-Helmed Hero, a trio of royals, a Catoblepas , a golden-sculpted elven maiden battling a dragon, a bull battling a Gorgon , a dwarf towering over a pile of dead orcs and several other smashed masterpieces.

They continued on, carefully – finding a secured one way door ( that didn’t open ) and a store room before traveling through a large, evil amphitheater, around a twisting hall, into a library – where all hell broke loose – literally ! They were besieged by a Bar-Lagura demon intent on using the other allies present to destroy the heroes – but they would not see to it ! They vanquished him quickly and searched the room soundly – finding a forgotten panel under the rug, slightly off center from the middle of the room.

This led down a deep vertical shaft to a cavern swarming with bugs and crystals that glowed like day – and they consulted the finger of fate and chose the path of greatest reward (and Risk !), over a deep crevasse with magma below, into the makings of a forgotten dwarven stronghold / outpost of KrystilHold as our heroes entered the grounds and explored the first main chamber, they saw through the hoary darkness the ominous glow of red eyes and the evil hiss of an unslaked, ancient thirst. Who knows what gruesome fate surely awaits our heroes ?

Story for Game up to 2/22

Krystilhold held little from the glorious times of its Dwarven occupation. The Order of the Crimson Drake was caught off guard when they were ambushed by a small tribe of Troglodytes inhabiting the ruins of the ancient stronghold. Battle was decisive – although Tera and Lunan were too badly injured to be of much use, they valorously staked what health they did have to cleanse the old fort from vile influence. The adventurers continued on to find great mines – spiraled towers of hoary earth and crystal that seem to be swallowed by the endless dark maw of the inner depths of Abeir Toril.

The heroes took this as a dead end – and they returned to the surface – back into The Baron’s library. They continued on – finding guest bedrooms, a grim family portrait and a laboratory. The party also found a large arena / training ground of sorts that was home to some monstrously dangerous ogres. They swiped what was surely an assortment of equipment that was intended for use by trainees. It would not be long until the party would see this area again.

Up a nearby flight of stairs, there was a set of hallways shrouded in darkness – full of dangerous areas and walls that consumed Dasheeki and Aramel. There has yet to be a solemn moment to reflect the fate of these dear, trusted friends.

Shortly after their demise, while the party was resting – they happened onto an ideal situation to rescue a pair of able bodied prisoners from a surely dire fate at the hands of the same ogres that nearly annihilated the party earlier. This was the introduction of Commander Slade and Volgrim. Not much time to introduce was allowed as the party quickly looked for an alternate way out of the chamber and spotted it.

Downstairs, they found those who threw the prisoners into the arena – and our heroes proved their mettle and sought their revenge upon them. Some escaped – and tried to release a great white dragon Skalthar on the party. They bargained for their meager lives with the hulking, wise beast and somehow escaped not only with their lives, but with a token of gratitude – an rusty iron ring set with a small rhomboid diamond in the center. The purpose of the ring has evaded the party thus far. The party ushered this dragon through the keep, past the grounds and saw his safe through the portal.

They then returned to their previous hallway – finding a storage closet for rugs, tapestries and the like. The other hallway led to a large chamber used for rituals of the vilest imagining. A circular yawning chasm was surrounded by acolytes – and the heroes fought their way past guards and defeated a deathpriest and watched as the acolytes were sacrificed in the name of what, only the gods know. As the last bodies were subsumed a hulking crackling black mass erupted from the foul well. Roiling with arcing blue-white flame, the behemoth rose up and sought revenge on the heroes for trespassing in its sanctum. The heroes were able to subdue the beast and rescue the sacrifice in the meantime – Victoria’s warden, Richter. The party caught their breath, put their weapons away and began to take stock of all around them when Victoria approached Richter to see him, he points out the crackle of blue white fire, still lingering around her body in a filgree pattern – a sure sign of Victoria contracting a spellscar.

Threat Subsided
Game for 2/28/09

After a nervous reunion with Richter – Thanks mostly to his disbelief in the Order of the Crimson Drake’s ability – You realize that the threat is gone – for now. He explained that far to the northwest grows a dense glen where you can find an orange mushroom – from which an elixir can be brewed to banish the baron back to his natural form. After a look around the rest of the keep – including a long time spent in of of the Baron’s sinister teleportation traps, the party decides to make haste to the forest – a two week journey through barely-mapped wilderness, no small task.

Not many days after the departure, the terrain has morphed to hilly, rocky soil – and the party has a bit slower time going at it. One mid-morning, while rounding a small forested copse, our party stumbles upon the den of a feasting owlbear, with the blood of wildfowl still warm and thick on its paws. Upon noticing intruders in its territory, it flew into a fury – and the storm of claws and teeth set upon the party, nearly tearing them asunder. The noise from the scuffle attracted the attention of a pair of bulettes, who fought hard to snag a hapless soul and drag it to it’s death. By only the grace of some sort of divine providence did our heroic band escape this cruel fate – and upon searching, they found a stranger – stranded atop a rocky outcrop, a refugee from the furious wrath of the now-vanquished denizens of the ground. This poor wanderer, nearly starved to death and on the brink of dying from thirst gave great thanks for the group’s intervention into what was sure to be his certain death.

As the party continued on, the winter crept quickly into Leaffall – causing a cold blast of wind to buffet unexpectedly over the next few days. The terrain begins to grow hillier and the winds blow colder as the days progress. As we pick up again, the first flakes of an early snow begin to fall as our party crests a hilly vantage point and they look out to a fortified post in the distance – the only trace of civilization around.

Investigating Fort Dolor
Session for 3/9/09

Mystery at Fort Dolor !

The small fortification in the distance beckoned to you – even though once you sought it out, it’s inhabitants were cold and harsh. The more you pried, the more you found – A charmed guard captain, an embezzling lieutenant, and a succubus and a hag ! In this jerkwater joint ! What gives ? Seeking out the hag prophet, you learned of a portal – in the newly-vacant dragon’s den. Surely this is the edifice where evil seeps in like fog under a closed door. What are our brave heroes to do ? Will they seek out this evil ?

Stange Harvest
Our heroes' quest to find answers

After breaking the portal at Fort Dolor, our heroes made haste to the northern reaches of the country known as Luruar – where the grove with the fungus they were told would banish the baron grew.

They trekked through the woods until they reached the grove – where a beholder made his den. They vanquished the abominations and found that a secret lie below the tree. Entering down there, they were finally confronted by Sarshan – and after a long, bloody battle – he escaped with Victoria. Who knows her whereabouts now ? Where does her path lead ? Only our heroes can find out.

The Path Back to Silverymoon

On our allies’ way back to silverymoon, they crossed a large mountain and encountered a lone wanderer with a swath of orcs at his feat and even more bearing down on him – quickly. The heroes jumped in and saved him – only to find a little further up the mountain lie a great dragon. He tore flesh from the adventurer’s bodies and gasped mighty clouds of rocks and dust. The party had the best of him and as he took flight to escape, princess Zara flew atop him and struck hard with her mighty sword – condemning it back to earth – and to death soon thereafter.

The twinkling lights of Silverymoon are visible from the top of the mountain at night – what new wonders await our friends in the “Jewel of the North” ?

Silverymoon - Jewel of the North
The order of the Crimson Drake Explores the Town

Night settled on the top of the large mountain overlooking the plains – with the lights of Silverymoon twinkling in the distance. In a day and a half, our party was approaching the outskirts of the town – “New Silverymoon” as it was called. After a little exploration, they crossed the moonbridge into the old quarters of Silverymoon and explored. Tera sought more information on her heritage, while Vincent sought the whereabouts of little Victoria. Romulos spoke a fellow drow contact in the The Red Hand and the party found that the best place for potions of healing was to seek out Ministress Belverlee in the old temple of Mystra. Not only did our heroes get their healing potions, but they got word of an ancient shard of Mystra – a phylactery – that was said to still be hidden deep under the city. Our heroes were willing to oblige the temple leader and set out down deep, murky tunnels to see what await them below.

The walking dead awaited them. Cursed to lie in wait for centuries for tomb robbers coming to steal artifacts, these mummies objected to the party’s presence and did their best to dispose of them. Princess Zara was able to lure many of them into a deep, dark shaft and trap them there. The party did not escape scott-free, though. These ancient guard-kings cursed many of the party with the decay of aeons – a vile affliction known as Mummy Rot. With the false pharaohs vanquished, and their curses coursing through their bodies, what will our heroes’ next move be ?


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