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  • The Baron

    The Baron is a shadowy figure blamed for creating much of the ills in Faerun. Little is known directly about him, but he is referred to in hushed tones. Rumor has it that he travels by black carriage and he lives in a Iron tower that is shrouded in …

  • Scarletta

    She was a hag that cast a sleep screech upon the party - lulling you to sleep as you noticed the body parts in her garden. Luckily, you escaped that fate - and her cellar as you ran through the underdark.

  • Desdemona

    The huge Rat Matron – found deep in the Suzail sewers, kidnapping young girls and using them to her means – and perhaps using them in trade with The Baron.

  • Sarshan

    Ruthless, quick and most of all, vile. He uses his twin katars to clear a path to his target and captures or assassinates them - depending on his mission. After scooping up Victoria's body, he teleported off - with her in tow.

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