A loyal, lumbering, human barbarian, who might have been dropped on his head as a child.

Race: Human

Level: 7

Game System: D&D 4E

Is Public?: Yes

Is Visible?: Yes



Uther was born into a savage clan of barbarians known as the Bloodletters on the eve of the new moon. His father Y’arren, the Chief of this clan was a blood-thirsty war monger who yearned for power and wealth. His mother Aera was a timid kind hearted woman who had been taken slave and made Y’arren’s bride many moons ago after the bloodletters razed her village and annihilated her people. Growing up Uther lived a divided life, His father forced him to be a ruthless war waging mongrel during the day, but his mother Aera had always despised Y’arren and his barbaric ways, so at night whilst Y’arren was sleeping she would school Uther in the better ways of life, humanity and civility and say to him; “You can be so much more than this, learn to be kind and gentle, as well as strong and you will be able to do anything”.

One night when Uther was an early teenager, Y’arren suddenly woke out of a deep sleep to find Aera teaching Uther these polar opposite ways which deeply angered him. “This boy is supposed to be a barbarian! King of men, ruler of anything he wants to rule! Not some pansy. Y’arren lept to his feet and stormed over to to Aera, grabbing her by the hair and screaming at her “THIS BOY IS MINE, NOT YOURS HE WILL LEARN MY WAYS OR DIE BY MY HAND LIKE EVERY ONE OF YOUR WEAK FAMILY MEMBERS DID” as he tossed her across the room he shot Uther a quick glance “those who are weak die”. Uther jumped at Y’arren “DO NOT HARM MY MOTHER LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN, OR I WILL KILL YOU MYSELF OLD MAN” he hollered. “Thats what you think” Y’arren spoke as he slammed his giant fist into Uther’s face.

Uther woke up hours later, it was now midday. Horrible pain flooded over him as he made his way off the ground. Touching his face he soon realized that his nose was broken. “mom”? Uther uttered… there was no answer. As his vision came into focus he realized there was a small mass huddled in the corner. He rubbed his eyes and looked again… “MOTHER”! He wailed, as he ran over to Aeras’ lifeless body. Shaking her relentlessly Uther could tell she wasn’t going to wake up due to the massive wound that she had recieved to her head, but he couldn’t convince himself she was really gone. So he sat there…all day…trying to wake his mother…

The next day, Uther burried his mother. As the last stone was placed upon her grave, Uther promised Aera never to be like his father: Barbaric, Lawless, Evil, but to grow up to be the man she tried to teach him to be: Kind hearted, gentle, and loyal. He also vowed… He alone would be the death of his old man. For days and days Uther waited for Y’arren to come home. But he never did. Eventually Uther started on on a quest to find Y’arren, and avenge his mother….This my friends, is where the real story begins.


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