Quick tempered and bent on revenge

Race: human

Level: 6

Game System: D&D 4E

Is Public?: Yes

Is Visible?: Yes


AC – 19 Hp – 63

Weapons – PACT DAGGER,



When Victoria was six her parents were killed. That day is her earliest memory. She is unable to remember any thing before that day but that day is fresh in her mind as though it just happened. She was with her mother and father in a city next to a large mountain range. She remembers that the mountains were so big and so close that they dominated your sight no matter were you looked. Her and her mother were standing in front of a large building waiting on her father. She remembers she was humming a song her mother often sung to her and skipping along the street when she heard her father yell grab Victoria and run! Before she could react her mother had grabbed her and was running down the street. Looking over her mothers shoulder Victoria saw an elf with pale skin and a sword running after them. He soon caught up and swung the sword and every thing went black when Victoria opened her eyes she saw her mother lying on the ground next to her she looked at Victoria and said I love you then closed her eyes never to speak agin. Victoria then looked up and saw the elf standing over her with a sword in his hand he had a black cloak with red runes and very pale skin he looked at Victoria then turned and walked away.

Victoria threw her arms around her mother but her mother did not move. Then people who had been watching approached. A woman grabbed Victoria and drug her away from her mother’s body she kicked the woman and was able to get loose and began running towards the city gates and into the forest. For many days Victoria lived off of berries that she found and bread that she stole from travelers. After many days in the forest she began feeling ill and laid down to take a nap by a tree when she awoke there standing over her was a tall man in a black cape he had chin length black hair and dark green eyes. Victoria tried to run but fell from being so weak the man then said “so what is a little girl doing alone in this part of the forest? Victoria responded “I am not a little girl”! The man then laughed and said “of course where are my manners my name is Richter Renfeild and you are”? She then responded “my name is Victoria and I am not afraid of you!” Richter laughed again and said “you are brave for one so young.” Still it is not safe here and you look hungry I have some food in my carriage so shall we?” Victoria hesitated but then got up to follow him she took two steps and then fell to the ground she did not have the strength to stand. Richter then reached down and picked her up this would be one of only two times in the next ten years that he would show warmth towards her. In the carriage Victoria told him what happened to her parents he then asked if revenge is what she wanted? Victoria responded yes. Well if revenge is what you wish for I can teach you a power that could grant your wish.

Over the next ten years Richter taught Victoria the ways of a warlock he also raised her in society Richter was rich and well connected and Victoria wanted for nothing except his love he was never unkind to her but he also showed very little emotion towards her. He would often bring her gifts but was often gone and she was left with the servants. then on her sixteenth birthday that changed. Victoria could not remember her birthday so Richter gave her a new one the day they met. That morning Victoria came down the stairs to see Richter standing at the bottom waiting for her. He said to her “happy birthday my dear I have something for you”. He then gave Victoria a locket on it was the Renfeild family crest Richter then said “you are a Renfeild now you are legally my daughter and you will inherit all I have”. However young lady with this comes great responsibility but we will discuss this when I return until then enjoy your day.” Richter then hugged her and kissed her on the head. This was only the second time in ten years that he had showed her this kind of affection. However Richter did not return and Victoria knew not what had happened to him. She then set out to find her beloved Richter and to get revenge on that elf that killed her parents. Three years later and she finds her self with five other individuals on a grand adventure witch she hopes will lead to the end of her quest.

With Richter found Victoria feels at ease though there reunion was short and little has changed Richter was as formal and cold as ever at least she could focus now on finding and killing that Eladrin bastard. Richter said that she should not focus on the past but Victoria in her stubborn fashion has chosen to ignore Richters advice. She still feels that the only way she will find peace is when she makes the elf beg for his life and then feels that life drain from him as she cuts his throat. Richter always told her that her hatred would only destroy her but if she chose to seek revenge he would not stop her. Victoria hopes that for once the old man is wrong though he rarely is. As she travels with the party she thinks of the individuals who have become her friends. Princess Zara strong and determined has lately made it a point to look out for her she trusts her judgement and even looks up to her. Romulos a mystery though they have traveled for along time she still dose not know much about him. Tera the girl and her wolf at first she did not trust her because she was half eladrin but after she helped save Richter she has changed her mind. Volgrim the drunken dwarf outher than staying drunk hes fine. Comander Slade seems to be loyal and trust worthy but what is his real reason for comeing with them. Finally Uther large, strong and smells horrid she wishes he would wash more often. Yes they are quite the odd group but at least shes not alone anymore


The Heroes of the Realms VICTORIA