Welcome to the Grand Adventure!

In the ancient realm of Faerun, a century after the storm of blue fire, known as the spellplague, heroes begin to emerge from the most unlikely of places. These heroes – both willing and unwittingly became members of the resistance – a force fighting to sever the re-emerged Kingdom of Netheril’s dark tendrils of influence control off of nearby kingdoms. They risk what they hold dear to understand more about themselves, make the land safer, and of course and line their pockets with the fruits of their exploits.

The Heroes are as follows :

Princess Zara a Genasi swordmage of valor and wit.

Vorgrim – a valiant Dwarven Paladin of Berronar

Romulos – A lithe Drow rogue with a flair for danger.

Commander Slade – A haughty dragonborn of discipline, that expects no less from his squadmembers.

Tera – a ranger that searches for her past with the help of Lunan, her wolf. (New Update 4/1/09)

Lunan – a wolf that can’t remember his ture past.

Victoria Renfield – A young woman with a devilish temper – prone to fits of firebolts.

Vincent Reynard – A dark nobleman avenger in search of Victoria his little cousin.

Uther – A towering vengeful barbarian who seems to have been dropped on his head at a young age.

The Heroes of the Realms

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